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        1. Tel:+86-571-87969210
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          About Us

          Ningbo Majesta Chemicals Co., Ltd. Located in Ningbo Chemical Industry zone, Ningbo Majesta Chemicals Co., Ltd. the company is committed to the application of the R&D of fine chemicals production and applications. Fully rely on long-term technical cooperation with foreign counterparts, to make leading products for meeting market demands. The company has a continuous tubular reactor and tank reactor, various temperature ranges and various pressure Grade chemical reaction. Ningbo Majestic can undertake the customization of various chemicals. There are well-established labs (small scale test and pilot-scale experiment), complete set of inspection & analysis instruments and highly educated professional and technical development Engineers. 

          Ningbo Majesta Chemicals Co., Ltd. mainly produces polyether series additives, defoamers, fluorescent brighteners, and a full range of German technology auxiliaries,etc. Can also have chemical products customized according to customer needs.

          Ningbo Majesta Chemicals Co., Ltd.
          24 hotline+86-571-87969210Add:No, 1567, Beihai RD, Ningbo Chemical Development Zone, Zhejiang